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Event Results

Wellington Regional Cake and Sugarcraft Competition  2010


Class 1st 2nd 3rd
1  Wedding Cake
Cindy McKinnie Christine
1a  Wedding Cake (open)    
Pauline Nunns  
2 Celebration cake

Pauline Nunns Beth Fuge Cindy McKinnie
3 Painted Plaque
Heather Cooling Beth Fuge Christine Willoughby
4 Floral Spray
Janice Thomas Joy McKenzie Michelle Nesbitt
4a Floral Open

Bridal bouquet
Christine Willoughby Michele Barnett Barbara Green
5 Novelty Cake
Leila Kells Fiona Hume Joanne Holdaway
6 Novelty Item
Pauline Nunns Cindy McKinnie Chris Darby
7 Miniature Cake
Joanne Holdaway  Michelle Nesbitt  
7a Minature Cake (open)  
Leila Kells Dianne White  
8 Mini Novelty Cake
Michelle Nesbitt Leila Kells Pauline Nunns
9 Mini Cake - Four Seasons
Joanne Holdaway Glenys Kane Leonie Pearson
10 Cold Porcelain  
Gaye Seymour Beth Fuge  
11 Hanging Christmas Ornament
Beth Fuge Michelle
Pauline Nunns
NG Primary 8 and under
Mathew Holdaway Abby
NG Junior 9-12
Chantell Sisson Samuel
Katilena Giles
Hinako Percival
NG Intermediate    
Domanique Nunns    
NG Senior
Angela Kasetrinakis Diana Bryant Karyn Skerrett
  Public Vote
  Beth Fuge Beth Fuge Sandra O'Reilly
Guild with the most points Petone Upper Hutt Wellington



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